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Introducing SSLacker, the free tool to Combine, Clean, and Check SSL Certificates
Ease the burden of installing SSL Certificates with SSLacker

Vancouver, WA (December 30, 2018) -- SSLacker ( ) is a powerful tool to ease the burden of using SSL Certificates. When first purchased, SSL Certificates are provided as separate files. The buyer must cut and paste together all the partial certificates to make one complete "SSL Certificate Chain" for installation. The process is troublesome and error-prone.

Every website needs an SSL Certificate attached or the site will be flagged by browsers as unsafe. Most websites are owned by small to medium sized companies. The marketing department or the company owner might be the SSL certificate buyer. They download the files provided by the vendor. The files come with few instructions. The certificates need to be combined in exactly the right way, or the final SSL certificate will not install.

Some vendors provides two partial certificates. Others provide three and four partial certificates. Each must be opened, cut and pasted together. One extra space or letter will corrupt the file. How many of us make cutting and pasting errors on our own documents?

"I've installed hundreds of SSL certificates," says Rick Valdez, owner of SSLacker. "I have made every mistake. SSLacker started as a tool to make my job easier. SSLacker is my tool to share with the world."

"SSLacker removes the most difficult and time-consuming part of the installation process. No need to spend hours debugging why the SSL certificate won't install," states Valdez. "SSLacker takes care of everything."

For more information contact Rick Valdez, [email protected] or call 971-801-2245.