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SSLacker is the only SSL Certificate checker, cleaner and combiner!
1. Click "Select Certificates" to upload partial certificates.
2. Click "Submit" for a link to a complete SSL certificate.
That's it!
+ Click "Select Key" to match the Key.
+ Click "Select CSR" to match the Key and CSR.

THREE Simple Steps to a Secure Site:
  1. Copy the SSLacker Certificate file.
  2. Copy the Key file.
  3. Copy the SSL configuration file.

FIVE Operating Systems SSL configuration files included:
  • Apache
  • HAProxy
  • Node
No more error-prone, line-by-line editing of configuration files.
Simply replace-and-go.
Use SSLacker configuration files with confidence.

Take the guesswork out of SSL configuration.
Amazon cautions against editing your configuration file.
Why take the risk? Use SSLacker!

Small configuration errors may lead to serious security breaches and loss of data. Watch for security announcements from OpenSSL, and be alert to reports of new security exploits in the technical press.

Only SSLacker can combine and manage all your SSL certificates!
SSLacker Locker Dashboard
The SSLacker Locker is a dashboard that organizes and protects your certificate, key and csr.
One account can hold all your certificates.

Become a Member. Add as many domains as you like.
Pay only $12 a year!

Become a Member!

Every website needs an SSL Certificate.

You do your part and buy one. What does the vendor provide?

Not one, but two, three or even four certificates come in one bundle.

You are left with too many questions:

Adding a space or character, even saving the file wrong can corrupt the SSL Certificate.

SSLacker takes care of everything.

Upload the SSL certificate parts and SSLacker will chain, clean and check every file. ONE perfect SSL certificate is created for you to download.

Have the confidence to install the SSL Certificate on any web site with no errors.

Upload the KEY and SSLacker will check that the SSL certificate and KEY match.
Upload the CSR file and SSLacker will check that the SSL certificate, KEY and CSR match.

Chain, clean and check the entire SSL Certificate process from certificate to KEY to CSR in one easy step.

SSL Certificates that end in CRT, CER, P7B, PEM, are all supported.


What if you only have the first part of the SSL Certificate?

SSLacker will tell you which other part of the SSL Certificate is missing!

Search the Web for the missing part and upload the files again.


Remove the time-consuming trouble of managing SSL Certificates forever with SSLacker.